Australian Innovation and Technology

Data Warehousing Services Australia



DWSA offer years of experience in the design, construction and operation of large Corporate Data Warehousing Applications as well as providing specialist software for the development and operation of the Data Warehouse.


We have been in business for 23 years and during that time have built up significant expertise in the technology of large application deployment and Managed Services. DWSA has also fostered partnerships with like-minded organisations to further technology innovation in Australia for the benefit of our Client base.


We can offer “Data Warehousing as a Service” options as well.


Use our infrastructure, our software and our capability for a monthly fee. We will collect process and enhance your data according to your rules in our custom built and owned TUPS Mobile Data Centres, using the databases of your choice.


Whilst protecting your valuable data investment, you will be able to use our Numberate Software to provide the front end access tools to maximise the business intelligence capability of your valuable information.

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